As you  know, some habits are easy to acquire, we just have to pay a little attention. Others, however, require more effort and continuity. In general, starting a healthy life requires changing eating habits, starting to exercise daily and paying attention to a good rest. If you want, you can, just start with point number one and continue until ten.

Make Time for things the Matter!

The perception that time passes faster And there is no time for anything. We do not have time, to eat like before, slowly and in family, with talk in the dessert. Enjoy with friends quietly. We have no time for ourselves. Everything is and over time our health will deteriorate. Let’s see here 2 key points for a healthier life.


Food is the first and most important point for a healthy life, it is the key to health, we are what we eat. Nowadays, from children to the elderly, we all eat badly, well by the rush, the fashions that come from outside, advertising, that influences us in our ancestral customs, Mediterranean diet.

The life of Man of the 21st century has changed, due to the general globalization of the planet, which has revolutionized our whole environment: information, fashions, trends, technology, travel, migrations.

We eat a lot and bad. Much, because with half of the calories we eat daily we would have more than enough, consequently the obesity index. Bad because what we eat, we do not eat well, we eat a lot of animal protein, many fats, many carbohydrates and you have to change by eating less of the above and more vegetables and fruits.


Physical exercise, whether of short or long duration, contributes to establishing a mental well-being, improving the autonomy of the person, memory, rapidity of ideas, etc.,
Exercise is essential for health. Food and exercise are the two basic pillars of healthy life, the two have to go together, as they complement each other. Miracle diets, with no proper eating habits and Exercise do not work, that is why people who undergo special and miraculous diets fail and are constantly turning to them, spending time and money.

Physical exercise promoting feelings such as optimism or euphoria, while improving The self-esteem of people, which produces benefits in different diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension or diabetic crises.

Exercise 4 days a week, and at least 40 minutes of aerobic exercise, with an intensity appropriate to the physical condition of each person.


We have to make periodic medical check-ups, analytical and other series of explorations, to see how the state of our health is. It seems like a lie about how little we care about our health, the car we do periodic reviews, as well as when you have something wrong that soon we change it, we keep it clean and in good condition. If we did the same thing to the car with the health of our body and mind, we would be healthy and radiant. So let’s treat ourselves at least like our car.

Special Skills are Necessary!

  •  Learn to cook: the second step to start eating right. If we do not know how to cook, we will probably end up with precooked foods or “anything” that we find in the refrigerator. Domimar culinary techniques like steam cooking, iron, papillote or oven, will be fundamental to make our diet healthier. Knowing how to cook saves calories and improves the taste of our shopping list.


“Water should be the main drink and soft drinks or alcohol sporadic drinks, to be taken on time during the week. If we are able to assimilate this habit, we have many livestock.”