Breaking exercise into small chunks on your overscheduled days can also keep your confidence up, since skipping it altogether can make you feel tired, guilty, or depressed. Keep in mind, though, that short bursts of exercise are meant to supplement, not replace, your regular fitness routine.

Around the House

  • Squat:  It is a less energetic work, but it requires strength in the legs.

  • Push-ups: Place your hands on the floor in a straight line with your shoulders. Stretch your legs fully backward to form a straight line with your back.

  • Biceps:  Grab an object with some weight with one hand. Standing up, he extends his arm down and in one motion he raises his hand by bending his elbow. Do the same movement about 20 times for each arm.

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At Work.

  • Climb the stairs:  If you work inside a building with many floors, decide to use the Stairs (to go up and down), you will perform a cardiovascular exercise that while you needed them also your heart will thank you.

  • Shoulders. With the same object in the hand and the extended arm lift it forward until you place it on your head. 12 repetitions. This movement alternates with another lateral in which the arms are placed to the side and they rise to the height of the shoulders.

When You’re Watching TV.

  • Machine:  Put in a safe position. Make sure you watch TV while you exercise. If you have to stretch your neck to watch television, you will have to move the machine. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions whenever you use an exercise machine.

  • Do some crunches:  This is a great exercise you can do during commercials since you will not be able to watch TV while you do it.

  • Organize your weights ahead of time: Each exercise should have its own area. Make sure each area has a good view of the television. You could injure yourself by stretching your neck so you can watch TV while you exercise. Also, if you do not organize areas in advance, you could “forget” exercise while watching TV!

While Traveling.

  • Use the hotel gym:  Many hotels offer weight machines, treadmills, stationary bikes and rugs for stretching or exercising.

  • Swim in the hotel pool: Swimming can be an excellent exercise and even in a short period of time using water resistance you can burn calories and work for multiple muscle groups.

  • Walk through the corridors or floors of the hotel. Going for a walk, jogging or climbing stairs inside the hotel is a great opportunity to exercise in a safe and effective way.


Doing several things at once can help you keep up with your workouts while traveling. If you’re out for business, check expense reports while using your stationary bike or practice your presentation while doing yoga stretches. If you are traveling for pleasure, go for a walk to get to know the city and avoid taking the elevators to burn calories and have fun at the same time.