*Have a purpose in life. *Break the rules. *Love what you do.

When we begin to walk we fall and it is by virtue of those falls and the strength of rising that we learn to walk. Success is part of the development of every human being.

What if it is very clear that the Success is different for each one and that only when we have identified it and we work in it we can reach it.

grown-up-plantasThere are people who are born with a natural tendency, to live with success and others have a tendency to negative thinking and an attitude of failure.

TRUE success is achieved by ruling by divine standards and living in harmony with God’s purpose for man. So much so that the Bible says that whoever carries that kind of life will be “like a tree planted by streams of water, giving its own fruit in its season and whose foliage does not wither, and whatever it does will succeed” (Psalm 1: 3).

» In conclusion, success is in your hands. You should only commit to succeeding in life and striving to the maximum to make your dreams come true ««.

  •  Never Give Up

Insisting, persisting, resisting and not giving up are vital points of every endeavor, when you see that the situation becomes more difficult, it is when the gardens of success tend to flourish, do not give up in your struggle to reach the proposed place, and above all , Never blame anyone for your failures, take charge of your life! That you notice that you have control!

  • Define Your Purposes

Decide exactly what your ideals are for your life, draw a strategy that allows you to get closer to what you want to achieve.
This is important because many people do not know what they want and therefore do not achieve anything meaningful.


Dedicate yourself: A great project begins with a great inspiration, but without dedication and effort everything is between the clouds. It takes devotion, discipline, and courage to get what we want.

What To do.

  • Persist:

It is necessary to have a clear vision of what we have to fight for it despite the bad winds. He insists, he persists and he insists on what he longs for in order to reach the summit.

  • Test:

Only in practice will you know if a project is successful or not. Bring out the ideas you have in mind to the market and test if what you think and believe may also interest other people.

  • Control Your Emotions:

A successful person is not carried away by momentary emotions like anger and frustration. Controlling emotions is an everyday job, not only to achieve success at work, but also in relationships and other interpersonal relationships.

  • Be patient:

Successful people know that the great rewards in life are only achieved over time. If you trace a goal or a project, worry about what you can get in the medium and long term.


How to develop the will? Choose a goal that you think you can not achieve, and concentrate all your efforts on achieving that single goal. When you have achieved success, continue with some larger goal, and continue to exercise your willpower in this way. If what you are proposing is very difficult, pray deeply: “Lord, give me the necessary capacity to overcome all my difficulties”. You must make use of your willpower, no matter what you are or who you are. You must proceed with determination. Apply the willpower in both business and meditation.



“Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield set out to interview people who have achieved success in their lives to write The Art of Doing:

How Superachievers Do What They Do and How They Do It So Well?.

“Actors, athletes, entrepreneurs, artists and celebrities talked about their keys to success by answering two fundamental questions:

How do you do, what you do? And how do you do it so well?.

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