Lose weight and quit smoking. But what about the issue of making ‘more’ money?



Although it is proven that you can earn extra income without having to quit your job, you can also consider these ideas for additional income to those you already have.


Product subscription

If you want to start your own business, this method can be very useful. What better than to make known your product or service and let your clients fall in love with this month with month?


Sale of photographs

Turn your digital photos into money, using sites that will resell them to different publications. Payments vary according to the quality and the clients, so investigate well and take thousands of flashes.Visit: Shutterstock.com, Dreamstime.com, Crestock.com or Fotolia.com.


Become an Instagram Consultant

Instagram had an incredible 2016 and expected a better 2017. This platform took an impressive flight when it comes to promoting business and attract customers with “Instagram stories”, so if you are passionate about photography and a frequent user of this application, You can start your consulting business.


Modeling and recording work

You do not have to be a beau- ty queen, some of the best-paid faces in the business are “different.” Be careful, do not trust anyone to tell you to pay for the photos. If you want to do this more seriously, look for a representative from a professional agency.



Do you know a true culinary? Sell fresh, home-made, healthy and savory dishes (such as lasagne Friday, cake Sundays, and so on all week). Prepare them in bulk and you will have a good profit. Add several options to your list (vegetarian/gluten / lactose-free) and charge a little more. Send your menus through social networks.


Join the ‘share economy’

We understand how share economy to this economic model whose operation is based on obtaining objects or services without them being yours. A perfect example could be what Airbnb does when renting its goods for accommodation or Uber hiring cars that are not yours to provide their services or why not, the rent of evening dresses.

” In other words, this model comes down to lending to you in return for some money. Why not ideas a business with these characteristics? What could you give in return to society for a ‘small amount’?



Participate in online surveys.

Most companies want to know what consumers think of their products and services, so hire survey companies to ask people like you to write comments on their websites.
There are many who pay quite well or give you coupons, free products or huge discounts just by completing a small questionnaire. But do not get ripped off: sites that ask for some payment to register you are usually frauds.



Walk dogs.

Do not even think of this if you are not physically strong, you love animals with madness and you are friendly with animals. Publish your services to local veterinarians, double your income and become a dog walker.