Did you have a bad day? Take note of these tips to transform the negative into positive lessons to succeed.

Always try to see the positive side of things and think of the lessons I can take from good or bad things. Even if you are in a terrible situation, take into account that if something is used more than once it is because it is useful: situations like this can motivate us. Here some tips that I use in my life when bad things happen and I need to focus on going ahead and doing things.

Be positive

overcoming0I know this is easier said than done. This is an exercise you should practice, it is not a question of turning on a switch to feel better. Negativity is all around us. All you have to do is turn on the news so you get depressed instantly.

I have always felt that only the strong can see the good of the situation. Caress a dog, look out your window, kiss your partner and breathe. Being positive is a state of mind. It’s logical, think of it as an option: I choose to be positive.


Helping someone has always made me feel better. Almost all the good things that have happened to me have come out of helping someone else. Whenever I get too involved in arranging a business model or doing something difficult from work, I get angry. Nine out of ten times you make the other person feel incredible, it’s infectious.


Be strong


Life is not simple or easy. Bad things can happen around us at any time. To be able to stand, we need to be strong. Focus on your inner strength to overcome situations and positive things will happen. What once was an obstacle will now be lessons.


Appreciate things

It is time to value what we have. Many of us live well and with great people around us. There are people who are less fortunate. My grandfather used to say, “I feel sorry for not having shoes and then I met people without feet.”We are fortunate enough to be here today. Look around you and motivate yourself to continue having it and share it with the people you can. This philosophy has motivated me in the most difficult moments.

Remind yourself of your goals

Usually, before we dedicate time to some specific effort, we usually set short and long term goals. If you begin to lose sight of your goals, you may be less motivated than you would be if you always analyze how far you have progressed throughout the process. Keeping your goals in mind and verifying your progress can help keep you motivated day by day.


Conduct weekly checks to evaluate your progress


Everyone needs to know how they are progressing toward their goals if they are to stay motivated. If you perceive that everything is going well or even better than you expected every time you evaluate your progress, you will be motivated and happy that you are achieving. If you perceive that you are taking too long to reach your goals, it could be the impetus you need to get back on track.

Be sure to reward yourself every time you reach your weekly goals

This could be as simple as eating a bowl of ice cream after a long and difficult work week, or as rewarding as a trip to the spa for all your hard work. You must reward yourself with what keeps you motivated.

Move your body

Go for a run, do some scissor jumping or shade boxing. Even light physical exercise can affect our mood, making us feel more active and dynamic. It has even been shown that exercise can end depression and low self-esteem, which are an obstacle to personal motivation efforts.


  • Motivation always goes hand in hand with positive thinking. Even if things look bad, keep your head up and move on.

  • It has personal idols. Your favorite politicians, athletes, or business people are likely to have motivational speeches or an inspiring story.

  • Read and learn about their lives and the obstacles they had to overcome to reach their goals.

  • Make things fun. Bring your favorite music to the gym. Bring small treats to work to enjoy after serving a small goal.

  • You can also motivate yourself by working while you enjoy a small treat. This can make it easier to get accustomed to the work process.