Good health habits can enable you to avoid disease and improve your quality of life. The two 2 following steps will help you feel and live better.


  • Exercise regularly and control weight.

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet.



                STRESS MANAGEMENT

Too much stress can lead to health problems like insomnia, upset stomach, anxiety and mood swings.

“State of mental fatigue caused by the requirement of a performance much higher than normal; Often causes various physical and mental disorders”.

The more control you feel you have over your life, the less harmful the stress in your life.

Start Accepting the life, every day, I learn a little more to live my life without criticism or regrets, what is?, is perfect the way it is … this acceptance allows me to move to live in peace and tranquility with myself and to be more aware of what That I live in my present.

Live your life, work hard and do not worry too much

Work hard and do not worry too much for Whats happening Today, Will have enough for what to thing tomorrow.