Learn to get rid of negative emotions and visualize yourself in generosity, happiness, and ability to achieve success


Negative thinking can become a dangerous habit. Thoughts sink into your mind and remain there until you take action to get rid of them.

When you start thinking negatively, it may be tempting to try to force those thoughts out of your head. Try to disappear and expel them forever. But this approach is often counterproductive. 

Fighting those negative thoughts can actually reinforce that thinking pattern by making things worse.  The more you try not to think about something, the more you end up thinking about it.

  • Change body language:

“There are coaches who can help you improve your body position” 

Develop sensitivity and open to sensations; You have to learn to connect better with your own body, take greater awareness of yourself, others and the also environment.

  • Change the focus of your thoughts:

A good host is a good host: a bad thought comes and treats evil thought in the same way that it treats good thinking. It is not your concern whether thinking is good or bad. Because once you make such a distinction  that this thought is good and that bad thinking

  • Be creative:

To be creative is essential to have confidence and respect for yourself and not to be afraid of what others think when expressing our ideas.

Myth 2: Creativity develops by itself in a stimulating environment.

Reality: creativity needs to be cultivated and formed for it.


  • List everything worthwhile in your life

Create a habit, but not any one: choose a task that helps you to develop your creativity, get a calendar and place it in a visible place, and then allocate a few minutes a day to complete that task to later mark that day with a large X.

Be generous and grateful.

Maintaining that attitude is the easy way to increase your positivism.

Visualize your goals.