Spiritual energy

Spiritual energy, that which’ exists in each of us and Can sometimes be expressed in various ways.


Spiritual Energy, This energy is in all of us, and We project in different ways, Some use it for good and others for evil.


This energy flows around our body like a river of light and gives life to each of the organs and systems of our body. This energy flows to from us’ through the chakras or energy points.

The subtle level of our body lies in its energy field: the aura. Already the subtle mind manifests itself during dreams, in meditation, when telepathy occurs, and in positive mental states arising as a result of an open and relaxed mind such as love, compassion, and intuitive wisdom

Our spiritual energy is one of the most powerful and mystical gifts God has given us to take advantage of in this world and to love life.

Give yourself the opportunity to live fully and take advantage of that great power that you have within you with which you can help others and discover a new stage in your life.