“It really pays off to be positive and stay Motivate and also Repercute favorably in your health.

Positive emotions such as Gratitude and Appreciation, help athletes to perform at a higher level also is a key factor for happiness and longevity!


Be humble! act selflessly,

Give your best that you will receive back.


  • Do everything you need to live every moment of your life with a Mental Optimism.

  • Try to see life through “Pink Lenses”.

  • Practice maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day.

  • Expect all the best at all times.

  • Develop the power to see everything in your best Light.

  • Believe in yourself at all times about everything, Accept who you are and always growing and Improving.

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Relax in Disturbing Situations, there is humor in what is happening, there is always a solution and something to laugh about.

Melissa Blakeman, Medical Director of the Johns Hopkins University Region said Practice certain habits that can transform absolutely frustrating situations into a problem, That is, think that there are worse things in life to feel dazed.

Habits of an Optimist: Optimists do not have any Magic power that makes them Optimists. “What They Have Is Discipline and Simply Stick To Behaviors That Strengthen The Mental State.

Be Optimist at all the Time;

Stick to a Good Behaviors Habits and Avoid Think Negative.

There are studies that show that both EXERCISES and MEDITATION are directly related to Happier Moods. “These activities are an aid to Maintaining a Positive Attitude, and at the same time help to think more Clearly.


  • Be grateful for life.
  • Thanks every day for what life gives you, the gifts you have and the wonderful people you have around you.
  • Focus on what you have, not what you do not have.
  • Learn to enjoy simple things.

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