When we laugh, we forget momentarily all our worries and battles. Laughter is wonderful! It gives us energy and is one of the most healthy things we can do. Sometimes we think too much, try to solve many things, and we become so intense that we forget to laugh at ourselves as well as many other things in life.

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Laughter can take a person out of depression and despair and can turn a common day into a memorable day. My brother and I seem to be able to laugh at almost everything. we are different from each other in personality, but our chemistry when we are together is hilarious. Instead of being irritated by our differences, he thinks I am fun, and I feel the same about him. When we love people unconditionally, we can let them be themselves without being irritated by everything they do and that is not the way we would do it.

I urge you to find some people who make you laugh and spend more time with them. Laughter is possibly more important than you think. I always try to laugh at everything I can

The average child laughs 150 times a day, while the average adult only laughs four to eight times a day.

+It is not surprising that God tells us in his word that we should become like children?+

God told me on one occasion that I thought too much. I was a deep and intense person, who wanted to understand all my actions as well as to each person and event in my life. My reasoning only left me confused. I wasted a lot of time trying to understand the things that God was not even ready to explain. I had to get comfortable with not knowing. Are you able to do that? You may not know the answer to something and move on and enjoy your life or are you are as I was, deep, intense and without joy.  I am very grateful that I learned the habit of happiness and it is my prayer that you start right away to develop yours if you have not done it yet

Our most effective weapon is laughter.    – Mark Twain

I understand that there are tragic moments that happen in life and certainly moments when laughter would not be appropriate, but there are many things that we allow to make us sad when it would be better if we laugh more.

  • Trust yourself! that will improve the quality of your life.
  • Do not make notes and inventory of all failures and lament them. Trust, change what needs to be changed and work deeply with the holy spirit towards those changes
  • Enjoy your life abundantly and enjoy your journey towards spiritual maturity

Good Luck!