The percentage of happy people is only 20%!

That indicates that 1 in every 5 people, feel fully happy.


You will ask yourself: how can I become one of those happy people?

Well, it will take time and own decision to achieve it, But it’s much easier than you think.

The unhappiness that you Carry is simply Because you are not Happy with yourself.
You do not trust your aspects, your talents and your level of perfection
It is better to seek your own happiness and do not waste time comparing your life with others.


Be sure to live the life that you have at your full potential. Your life is a precious gift from God, and it would be tragic if you lived to be unhappy. Put happiness habit on your list of good habits to Follow, Do not allow bad habits in your life.


Having a Life Worth living does not happen by accident; it is something that we must decide to do with purpose.
You can decide to be a Genuinely happy Person, I make the decision to be happy

I would have liked to have learned to enjoy my life as I do now.
All the weight I put on myself did not Help me change Quickly, Believe me, it will not be of benefit to you either, stay Relaxed and Focus

I invite you to enjoy every step of the journey of your life towards personal maturity