All of us at some point in our life are forced or are in moments that need a fast decision of action. it’s going to happen to a number of us more often than to others.

Last month on way to my house from work, a driver was driving under the influence,  almost hit me, driving from lane to lane and almost getting off the road. At that point I had to make a decision to action in seconds,  I was alone at that time I was not putting anyone else at risk.

Last week an individual driving an SUV that was backing up hit my car that was within the parking zone of my house. Luckily dint did too much aside from lights scratches, I even have a surveillance camera that captured the accident. I could hear when this person hit my car, I checked out the window and saw how he was leaving the place without taking responsibility for the accident. at that point, I had to make an action decision in seconds. 

Those Seconds are critical for creating a good decision and recognize good decisions maker instincts.   

But! There are many other critical situations that could happen! 

 Here, Bellow, I give you 4 How to Play Safely in moments of crisis!


1. Be aware of what happened: How much does it affect me? How bad is it?  it’ll be worth it? You should be ready to recognize how bad things are, also determine if taking action may be a good alternative. If you’re taking action during a time of crisis, Make sure first you’re safe, be alert, and do not panic. If you’ve got contact with a stranger, You must attempt to stay calm and use good, easy words to avoid conflict.

2. Think about other individuals: In times of crisis and Action taker situation I recommend that you take into account and consideration individuals around you. If you in a moment of crisis, try to efficiently and clearly communicate and listen to others this could help you in a moment of anger, blinded or anxiety.  First Keep your loved ones safe from any danger.


3. Avoid Conflict contact: Avoiding contact can be a smart decision to make! If otherwise, you decide to take action, again make sure you are safe and also others around, look around stay focus and avoid conflict, instead of confronting, fighting or chasing try to alarm others also immediately take photos and videos from suspicious cars plate numbers and try to facial recognize individuals, since after every police report file this could be key for getting the bad guys. Look around to spot Security Cameras and say something

If you otherwise taking action on helping a moment of crisis, again make sure you safe, stay alert, do nothing stupid! visualize, and be smart.


4. Opt for Help: Family, Neighbors, Strangers are always generous in moments of crisis! There is always someone watching, try opting for getting help, Call your Local Police, Property Management, Security Personal and possible witnesses.

           Stay Safe! Thank you for Reading!