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So now we all should being a little calm, I know for some people It is a little difficult because they thinking about why money is important, why work? why we do not have clients? why we do not have a job? and sometimes that because we can get a little worried, but it will come out, it will!

We staying positive, making good predictions that everything will happen in the best way and that this uncertain times is a great opportunity to wake up and do better things, to be creative, to change habits, to include new things that we had wanted to do but for lack of time, or excuses and since we do not put ourselves as number one on the list we put it aside.

Today, Tomorrow & Forever Wake up happy no matter what is happening, smile at yourself.

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Think Positive, Think Goals, Think good habits. Everything it’s gonna be okay!

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Now i notice more that we all react to a crisis situation, like when those of us who have children or family when we get the bad wave that some of them get sick and we cannot be with them because they are in another country or another city or we are try going down and we cannot take care of them. we do things out of the comfort zone and we get the best of each one to be able to give them love and shows love.

As when one loses the job! and well now to see what I sell! I can sell Food, I sell Fruit, I sell something, something I can do to produce or to have a job.

Right now, we are going to be more creative than ever, I am pleasantly sure and we will have a little more time to think and meditate on how we are going to be, and how we are going to change.

What can I sell ? What I can do? What can I do but let’s use creativity in this crisis that is not only due to COVID but also because of the economic crisis that we are experiencing.

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